May 2004


Had a bit of a power issue this weekend. The building we work in has some pretty ancient wiring… and some of them gave out this weekend. Took most of our QA lab down.

Lessons I have learnt from this:

Daisy chaining power bars is not a good thing. Daisy chaining more than 2 power bars is a bad thing.

Electricians are lazy, and like to run as many outlets off the same circuit as possible.

You can never have too many power outlets in a server room.

Cheap gas

This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever considered 91 cents a liter to be cheap gas. Given the lineups, I wasn’t the only one.

Decade four, day three

And continuing to be contrary to my list of things to do less of, I was Jody’s walking partner in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Their website describes it thusly:

A celebration of survival and a tribute to the lives of loved ones who have been touched by cancer. Twelve hours of fun, friendship and fundraising to beat cancer. Communities from coast to coast, taking up the fight.

You’ll notice they don’t immediately mention the fact that the twelve hours are the twelve hours of night (7PM to 7AM), which makes it contrary to my list. They also don’t mention (understandably) that the weather may be cold, wet and miserable. It’s quite the thing, huddling outside of a tent and under tarps, counting down the hours, knowing that there are many more. Thankfully, the rain broke around 10:30PM, and the rest of the night turned out tolerably, in fact even as advertised… fun.

The 10:30 candlelight tribute was a ring of lit tealights around the track, each associated with somebody to be honored or remembered. It was pretty moving for our group (organized by a cancer survivor), especially as we passed by her name. But the most touching tributes that I passed by were for people that I didn’t know, scrawled in a young hand… “In memory of Mom”. “In memory of Dad (we miss you)”.

From the ‘No shit’ category

Wow…didn’t see this one coming.

So I take a left at the Kwik E Mart?

Map of Springfield, with a crazy amount of detail.

Update: however, of more importance, I’d like to direct your attention to, a site set up by Matthew of fame, to discuss all things hockey. I suggest you go there now.


Raining in Vancouver.
Kinda windy too.
Have dragonboating tonight. Going to be cold and miserable.

Decade four, day one

Contrary to my list of things to do less of, my day started with a donut.

But I paid for it, by the end of the day (curse this weak flesh!) — by nine in the evening, I was stiff, aching and cold to the core, fingers barely able to move.

Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that I was running around playing ulty in the rain for two or three hours.

Come on thirty! Bring it on!

Fire, burn!

Even, though I’m root’n for the Flames, and I find it pretty darn funny, you still have to feel pretty sorry for Dan Boyle, who’s house was on fire while the Flames were kicking his ass…

Maybe if he went and played some Whirlyball it would cheer him up?

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